Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Blog for a thought.

After a deep deep thought, I decided to revived my blog, this time my blog is no longer regarding about solely my thought in a specific field but rather my thought in all kinds of crap.

Why Blog?

This is the realization I got after a few conversation with my fellow comrade, especially these names need to mention N, T  and J.


N :

bearing minimal

While N’s opinion was more on an investment basis that he view blogging is a way to earn extra online, others view it as….

If you post in Facebook, you are forcing people to read your content and your thought even when they did not want to they will ACCIDENTALLY glance on it


T :


( T’s Quote : – It’s so bad that I need to block it……. and I need to removed the person from Facebook. ) – Yes… he really did that to one person. (Opps… Kantoi)


J :


While J is a case where he suffered from restriction of speech, where annoying people tend to gives their thought or two in the comments section, thinking he is referring to them all the time.

So, I decided to write my total craps and also things are I felt it will benefit you all in this blog, so if you loved to know my updated and wanted to pray for my needs~ Feel free to drop in my Blog and read.